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ehub 365 Group is a healthcare marketing agency with a strong presence in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Our values are Efficiency and Effectiveness – qualities made possible by our highly experienced digital marketing team and our deep industry knowledge.

Healthcare & Search Marketing Services

SEO and SEM Paid Ads
Search Engine Marketing is the most effective & direct method to increase website traffic, enquires and patients for the healthcare industry. Our end-to-end SEO solution in English, Bahasa, Thai, Simplified Chinese & Vietnamese languages is what most of our clients value.

Content Creation & Online Video

Engage audiences and win SEO with quality content and videos.
We help client create SEO optimsed content and online videos that engage audiences and effectively drive website traffic.

Google Business Profile (Maps)

A highly searchable business profile on Google helps potential customers find you more easily.
We help clients setup and maintain a business profile on Google to increase online visibility of their business and products & services on Google search engines. It also makes it more convenient for customers to leave positive reviews that are visible to anyone viewing the profile.

Social ads

Ads on social media
Our team of media experts helps increase client increase their presence on social media with ads optimised for increase brand awareness or audience engagement.

Our Projects is Singapore’s unique, leading health resource guide. It focuses on major illnesses affecting people in Singapore including cancer and cardiovascular disease, as well as wellness and disease prevention. We also provide information and resources on aesthetic treatments in the region.

Smart Retail | A compact retail space powered by Smart technologies

Smart Retail

Using unmanned AI Android Screen and smart technologies like beacon and cloud computing, we provide clients with affordable and effective retail activation solutions. These are proven to increase outlet sales revenue, brand engagement and insights into customer behaviour. The solutions also help to reduce reliance on promoters and in building customer databases.

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